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nightowllounge's Journal

The Dawn Is Your Enemy
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For The Bored And Nocturnal
Are YOU having trouble sleeping? Can't seem to find anything to do because everyone you know is well-adjusted and asleep? Do YOU have a sleeping disorder? Would you like to share with like-minded people about it? Do YOU despise "Day-Walkers"? Annoyed that people get on your back about having an "odd" sleeping schedule? Do YOU have a night job which leaves you up, active and bored at night? Are YOU a vampire? Want to chit-chat about something before you retire to your coffin? Did YOU have too much coffee at 10 o'clock, and are now wide awake with nothing to do?

Well then friend, it sounds like you should head on over to Danky D's Night Owl Lounge and Used Car Emporium! Here you can meet other people who can't get to sleep and have nothing to do, and want to talk or whatever. Anything goes in this community - have political debates, talk about music, discuss the pros and cons of being a night owl, meet other people who shield themselves and hiss when exposed to the sun, make some new LJ friends, impress people with how many hours you've been awake without the aid of espresso - Whatever you want! The only thing that matters is that you're up, you're bored, and you need something to do. So come on down!

1)No flaming. I'd like this community to be an open, welcoming place, not some intimidating pageant where certain ideologies and beliefs are chastised. Sarcasm and disagreements are accepted and encouraged, but NO FIGHTING. Let's try to be mature little nightcrawlers, m'kay?

2)If you make an entry longer than three paragraphs, put it behind an LJ cut. Some people don't take kindly to their Friends Lists being taken over by your rant on why Pepsi pwns Coca Cola (though I'm sure they wouldn't mind reading it).

3) Spell Check is the best friend you'll ever have. It'll be completely honest about the flaws of your spelling, and it's not afraid to tell you, either. It doesn't want to let you go out into that great big world and look like a doofus. So use it.

And that's it. Any questions? Contact your friendly neighborhood moderator danky_d if you have any questions by e-mailing me at dnichols24@hotmail.com. Or, you can TRY and IM me on AIM: Mr Splatterhead. Doubtful I'll be on though.