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The Dawn Is Your Enemy
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18th-Aug-2008 01:19 am - Can't Sleep....Again
srs sora
Yeah, I can't get to sleep. It's about 1:20 am and I'm wide awake, which is weird cause I was really sleepy just an hour ago, but I couldn't go to bed then cause I was working on something. Now that I want to go to bed, I can't sleep. Typical. =/

Anyways, life's alright right now. I started college on Monday, and I'm pretty much liking it so far. I'm predominantly taking science classes: General Biology, General Chemistry, and Biology Lab. My classes are mostly in the morning, but as much as I'd love to get some more sleep before class I can't. Too bad.

As usual, I find myself contemplating my love life at this time. I usually tend to think about what I'm doing with it, what I can do, what I should and shouldn't do, and what I want to do despite it usually being something that I shouldn't do. And of course I contemplate past situations and can't help but think that this might be the same thing. Someone save me from myself.

17th-Aug-2008 08:56 pm - Intro
Hello everyone, my name's Brian and im 19, nearly 20.  
Never thought this kind of community existed, good thing it does :)

Im no good at this so i'll make it short :P I've always been more of an evening/night person, for some reason im more relaxed and motivated, although when I got nothing to do I tend to worry about certain things.
Since im still living at my parents, I cant make much sound so im stuck on reading and my comp ofcourse. Until midnight im generally gaming or listening to music, after that its more quiet stuff. 
As u may have seen I dont have too many ppl to talk to in the early/late hours, so im open for any1 atm. :)

27th-Jul-2008 12:27 am - The New Guy
srs sora
Hey everybody. I'm new to this community. You can call me Cesar, or Chuck if you want. I'm 17 going on 18, a bit of a writer, a bit of a singer, a bit of a musician, a bit of a philosopher, and a night owl for sure.

I've got a bit of insomnia and narcolepsy, so I'll sleep through part of the day and stay up until the wee hours of the morning before sleeping again. It's during the night that my thoughts really develop. I write my songs, think my philosophies, and come to conclusions for problems I'm facing. And of course it's at night that I look at myself from a different set of eyes. I look from outside of myself, see things I wouldn't normally see in me. I don't usually like what I see, but I can't deny who I am.

But, nighttime has it's downs. I sometimes tend to dwell on negative thoughts at night, kinda like tonight. Seeing my problems in life and really letting them get to me.

If anyone wants to talk, please do. I'm all ears, and I'm open to meeting new friends. I could use someone to talk to tonight.

16th-Jul-2008 03:30 am - WHAT A TERRIBLE NIGHT TO HAVE A CURSE
Martha Splatterhead
What's up, people? Sorry I ain't been around for a while, I had a brief, random stint as a daywalker there for a minute. No idea what was up with that. But now I've got my good buddies coffee and tobacco keeping me awake, so all is right again.

So. I'm bored. Somebody bring up a topic for discussion.

OR you can IM me. My AIM is Mr Splatterhead. Whichever.
12th-Jul-2008 01:20 am(no subject)
so, i stumbled upon this cute little community.
my name is Kelsey, i'm from Maryland and it's not uncommon for me to function on 0-3 hours of sleep. it's not completely out there for me to stay up for days on end. and what do i do during these little fits? well...i sit in front of my laptop and turn out pages of useless ramblings, thoughts, emotions. crazy things. i think random thoughts, i smoke my camels, i read, i play video games, i talk. i find i'm more personable, more friendly, at 3 in the morning. there's just something about the night time that brings out something different in me, i think.

i have chronic dark circles under my eyes...i've grown to like them
not sleeping is pretty much the way to go.

if ever you find yourself up at some ungodly hour, feel free to contact me...'cuz i'm awesome.
3rd-Jul-2008 03:00 am - Project!
Martha Splatterhead
Okay, so here's a project for you guys, since you'll all be up all night (unless you're a POSER! Freakin' day-walker! :-P), and I suck with things of this nature. Nab the picture atomic_seamonki has posted below, and make it into an icon for the community. The Mod demands it, and so it shall be done! (Just had some coffee, don't mind me none)

So... what do you guys do to keep yourselves entertained when you're up at all hours of the night?

Personally, I smoke cigarettes and listen to music, play Guitar Hero, pace back and forth, drive around, and read. Not too exciting. Maybe I should take up graverobbing. That's an interesting past-midnight activity.
2nd-Jul-2008 06:23 am - Welcome!
This Idea Is Dildos
Welcome to the Night Owl Lounge, a place where everyone who is up past midnight and does not plan to sleep until sunlight creeps over the horizon is welcome to post about anything they want, and amuse other people who can't get any freakin' sleep. Of course, posting in a community of this nature at 6 in the morning is probably a stupid idea, but screw it. You guys will see it when you wake up tonight.

So I guess as your moderator, I'll kick things off with an introduction. I'm 19, male, and for as long as I can remember, there's always been something appealing to me about staying up all night, or for days at a time. For some reason, I feel far more productive, energetic, and social at night than I do during the daytime. And I don't think this necessarily qualifies me as an insomniac, but I love the feeling of my brain being absolutely fried after staying up for more than thirty hours. I actually like having crow's feet and dark circles underneath my eyes (but not in goff way or anything), and I especially like it when after a certain point (usually around the 34th to 36th hour without sleep), I feel like all of the sudden I'm not tired anymore. I mean, I don't feel like I've just had an incredible 8 hours of sleep or anything, I just feel...AWAKE all of the sudden. I don't really know how to explain it.

Does anybody else feel this way about staying up? Do you enjoy the effects of sleep deprivation? Can you relate to any of what I described in my perspective of staying awake for extended periods?
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